Call for papers

For a number of reasons (last minute technical problems, some reported difficulties using the abstract submission portal...) we have decided to extend the deadline for submitting abstracts and workshop proposals until the 31st January 2020. If you experience any difficulties submitting your proposal please contact the Symposium secretariat at

We cordially invite participants of the Barcelona Symposium in September 2020 to submit proposals for workshops (w), sub-plenaries (SP) and paper presentations (PP) for consideration by the Scientific Program Committee (SPC). There are 3 official languages for the symposium - English, Spanish and Catalan and proposals may be submitted in any of these three languages. However, in keeping with the theme of the symposium - ‘Languages of Groups: the power to include and exclude’ - we ask you to also submit translations of your text into the other two languages. A link is provided to google translate, which the joint organising committees have so far found adequate for communicating between the members. Each proposal will be read by at least two members of the scientific program committee, fluent in a different official language, to ensure that it is well understood. Please state in which of the official languages you propose to make the presentation, and any ways in which you can make it open to speakers of the other official languages.

The topic is a very broad one, relevant both to the clinical situation and beyond. You might like to consider the language of the body, of social media, of dreams, the unspeakable, of psychopathology, language and identity, and of different life stages, organizational language, professional language, theoretical language, the language of research, and of group analytic trainings, metaphor, language and gender, language and racism, mother tongue, family language, nonverbal language, koinonia etc. And how any of these operate in and between groups to include and exclude.

It is important to link your proposal to the topic and the themes that will be explored during the Symposium, which include:

  • Lost in translation
  • Language and power
  • Meeting through language?

The Different Formats for your Proposals are

These involve oral presentations which may include audiovisual support. Two or three presenters have 20 minutes each to present their material on the topic of the sub-plenary. The chair may use a few minutes to summarize the main issues that arise before opening the discussion to the floor. Occasionally sub-plenaries may continue over more than one day.
Paper Presentations
These sessions offer space for up to three contributions, usually grouped around similar themes by the presenters themselves or by the SC. Each contributor, facilitated by the chair, can give a short presentation of 20 Minutes - AV support will be available for some papers. The chair will then coordinate a discussion between the contributors and their audience - 30 Minutes. The panel of contributors may choose their own Chairperson.
Are either more experiential or provide an opportunity for peers to share their experiences on topics of mutual interest. They offer shorter theoretical material which will then be illustrated by discussion and, sometimes, exercises as well. The presenters are expected to encourage participants to share thoughts and experiences in a more informal way. You will need to give consideration to how you might involve participants across the three languages - perhaps using media other than words.
Poster presentations
Consist of text, images and tables to present data from research or an account of a group analytic project. The poster should be no more than one side of A2 - unless presented in more than one language. Posters will be displayed in a designated area and will be available for viewing during the coffee and lunch breaks.

Please choose a suitable format for your contribution and state in which language you will be presenting. We hope to have some in-group translation facilities for subplenaries.

Please submit a short abstract from 1500 to 1700 characters (200 words) maximum via the website. Please add key words to help us link your proposal to the theme of the symposium. The SPC may offer suggestions to clarify your text. If it is accepted, your submission will be added to the program on the website and program app for the symposium.

NEW deadline for proposals: 31.01.2020