The Group Analytic Society International (GASi), the Asociación de Psicoterapia Analítica Grupal (APAG) and the Sociedad Española de Psicoterapia y Técnicas de Grupo (SEPTG) look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona and the 18th International Symposium in Group Analysis:

“The Languages of Groups: the power to include and exclude”
2nd – 6th September 2020

The core theme of the Symposium is language and the multiple means through which we communicate. Language brings us together and language keeps us apart. The languages we speak and the languages of our bodies - within and between classes, genders, cultures, nationalities, sexualities and religions - are at the heart of how we meet each other in our groups.

We are here to think about and to experience how language structures our relationships and simultaneously has the power to include and exclude. In order to do this, for the first time, the Symposium will be multilingual - trilingual in fact, with English, Spanish and Catalan being the working languages of the event.

We invite you to become involved, whether through presenting papers, running workshops, conducting groups or by beginning to think about coming to Barcelona and involving yourself in a multilingual matrix in which the convenience of monolingualism will be replaced by a more complex and challenging total situation.

The hope for the Symposium is that it will stimulate the growth of group analysis as a body of ideas as well as a form of psychotherapy, through the sharing of theoretical ideas, research and clinical practice.

As always, through lectures, papers, panel presentations and workshops, as well as through meeting others in small, median and large groups, the Symposium will give us, the participants, the opportunity to expand our professional networks, make new friends and develop connections across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

Over the coming months, this website will gradually grow to provide you with all the necessary information you will need to register, submit abstracts and workshop proposals, arrange your visit and generally prepare for coming to Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain.

We look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, to seeing you in Barcelona in September 2020.

Symposium Chairs: Peter Zelaskowski and Luis Palacios